ALTERNATIVE ESCAPES specializes in our own unique style of Transformative Travel planning. It’s not right for everyone, but it’s always a perfect for someone. Might that someone be you?

Check this list to find out:

  • Transformative Travel is a highly personal and individual travel style, best suited for adventurous, open-minded, highly curious people – no necessarily fearless, but always willing to conquer a new fear along the way.
  • It’s a style of travel that can be glamorous and rugged, budget and jetset, challenging or relaxing, sometimes all in the same day.
  • It’s for people who want to avoid commercial tourism, not out of conceit – but from the realization that mass-market travel rarely adequately benefits the local people or the environment. Much of today’s tourism unknowingly takes away more than it gives back to local cultures, and this “travel deficit” is distinctly unappealing to the informed traveler who desires to avoid the traps of tourism and seeks instead to participate in a different kind of encounter with culture, decidedly untouristic.
  • Transformative Travel seeks adventure, discovery and excitement, but is rooted in reason, sometimes indulgent, always tasteful, ultimately pragmatic, striving to make decisions that benefit all those who follow in the wake of our travel.
  • It’s for people who understand and appreciate the finer things in life, but recognize that too much luxury, comfort, and ease can also ruin the adventure – because over-accommodation leads to appeasement and often becomes an obstacle to real transformation, growth and change.
  • It’s for people who realize, there is always a better way to travel: The eco-cultural, inner-search, wider-exploration, deeper-detail journey that leads to life-changing realization, constructive change, and growth as a human being.  It’s the Transformational Travel way.
  • It’s the future, an evolution of travel…where the adventure never ends, no two journeys are quite alike — and you’re never the same again.

If Transformative Travel sounds remotely intriguing or utterly appealing, please do introduce yourself. We would love to hear from you!

Untourist: un • tour • ist



An individual who seeks to avoid trendy or popular destinations, simply because, or especially because other people are flocking to them. The untourist doesn’t flock. The untourist is independent and more interested in authentically experiencing a culture rather than simply observing it from a bus window. The untourist seeks exposure to local culture rather than isolation from it. An untourist is more likely to study and learn a language than to simply rely upon someone to translate. The untourist is not seeking a vacation so much as an immersion. Strange and foreign cultures are not threats to contentment or stability but invitations to discovery and growth. The unfamiliar is intriguing — and opportunity to observe, become vulnerable, to give and to grow.

The Tourist

The tourist seeks advice from a guidebook

The tourist wants familiar comforts above all

The tourist seeks frequent assurances

The tourist prefers to be told

The tourist is risk averse and takes few chances

The Untourist

The Untourist asks a local.

The Untourist welcomes the new experience.

The Untourist seeks frequent opportunities.

The Untourist eagerly asks.

The Untourist knows life is full of chances and makes choices based on calculated risk.

The untourist is a seeker for whom the whole of life is a journey.

The untourist is a life-long learner, the perennial seeker for whom adventure yields transformative personal discovery — an inner awakening to meaning, purpose, legacy and calling — because the journey is about the process as much as the destination.

The untourist welcomes awakening moments and assumes a posture of humility with the ambition to not only go but to grow measurably along the way.