Nothing captures the sprit of New York life quite like spontaneous dance breaking out on the subway during an afternoon commute.

While jaded New Yorker’s like to act annoyed and indifferent to such antics, I am always happy to see young lads like this working so hard to earn a few bucks making grumpy people smile.

Sure, technically this is illegal and definitely not 100% safe, but that type of bravado and grit is precisely what makes living in New York so unique.

I have nothing but respect for this fun loving, hard working crew who is keeping New York’s B-Boy breakdance culture alive and well.

How could I resist throwing these guys a few bucks for their effort, injuries, and overall positive vibes?

They make me feel proud of my city and glad to support the preservation of live street performances as an art form.

Like I always say: You don’t have to be rich to live rich…but you do have to be smart…that’s the Budget Jetsetters way!

Featured Image: Emily Kassie