Alternative Escapes founder Ian OSullivan shares sample clips from his 2015 expedition to Bhutan where he had a chance to test the iPhone and GoPro in the world’s most extreme filming conditions – Bhutan’s 166-mile High-Altitude, All-Terraine, Mountain Bike Endurathon known as the Tour of the Dragon.

These video clips show the spectacular filming capabilities of a handheld iPhone6 when used with a LifeProof NUUD case, when pitted against a helmet-mounted GoPro Hero 4.

Only on a trip like this could I learn the true capabilities of the iPhone6 for filming low-light, in-action, all-weather scenes like this…with on-camera mic sound that captures narration interviews. There is no other filming device in the world that would have allowed me to shoot this footage, while riding one-handed on a mountain bike.”  – Ian OSullivan, 2015 Tour of the Dragon Finisher

VideoShootingTips_5thAv_Loop.001To learn more iPhone Pro shooting tips and techniques, download the presentation from Ian’s Apple Education Workshop in New York >

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Alternative Escapes founder Ian OSullivan interviews HRH Prince Jigyel Wangchuck hours before the 2015 race.

Check out the videos from our 2015 filming expedition and see if you might want to join us on the next ride in 2017!


Seeking Cast & C0-Producers to Join Our 2017 Tour of the Dragon Filming Expedition!



1.Pro-Quality Video – Ultra-Stabilized In-Action HD (w/ 120fps and time-lapse)

2.Pro-Quality Sound – Dynamic Noise Cancellation (and wind cancelation with Lifeproof NUUD)

3.High-Speed Auto-Adjust : Sound, Exposure & Focus adapt quickly in challenging environments

4.Insta-Ready: Fast Power On + Auto-Shoot Trigger (for stills)

5.Large View Screen: Allows for proper framing of in-action selfie videos

6.Long Battery Life: 9+ hrs. filming (vs. 1.7 hrs. for GoPro)

7.Fast & Easy Battery Charging: External chargers give fast power boost to keep you operational

–iPhone re-charges in 15 mins for 2 hours video using mobile battery.

–GoPro re-charges in 2 hours – only when plugged into outlet.

GoPro battery swap is not practical during rainy, in-action conditions

GoPro Is Best Suited For

  • Fixed shot, wide angle B-roll (attached to tripod at a wedding)
  • In-action shots mounted to the object in motion (bike, surfboard, car)
  • Anchoring Effect – Include moving object into foreground frame to create visual anchor – giving viewer sense of movement and stability simultaneously.

GoPro Limitations

  • Awkward in the pocket. Looks like a recording device.
  • Can not hand-hold shoot and record narration
  • Can not record usable sound when waterproofed or in case
  • Difficult On/Off function & Slow start up time
  • Poor battery life & Difficult In-Field Recharge
  • Connected in-camera charging
  • Can’t battery swap in rain
  • Limited (or no) visibility of shooting frame
  • No in-camera editing capabilities (iMovie + iTunes)
  • No in-camera publishing capabilities (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)