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Who is Ian O’Sullivan?

Ian O’Sullivan is the founder of Alternative Escapes, a travel community for people seeking more meaningful journeys. Alternative Escapes focus on life-changing adventures beyond the realm of holiday vacations, more intentional travelers than accidental tourists. Ian’s career as a marketing campaign manager for Bloomberg LP, led to many growth experiences and challenges that ultimately led to the competing in his first Ironman Triathlon in 2014 with extraordinary results. He was inspired to leave Wall Street and corporate life to create a company that would help other people plan and pursue transformational, life-changing travel adventures.

What is Alternative Escapes?

Alternative Escapes produces Indie-Travel educational videos that inform, entertain and inspire viewers to take action, travel the world, and make a difference. We capture the behind-the-scenes action that lies beyond the borders of the tourist map, bringing viewers into unknown destinations and inside-access situations not normally allowed to be filmed/ never been filmed before. Alternative Escape works in partnership with international TV networks and independent film producers to scout, develop and produce reality-adventure and indie-travel films at our private-access shooting locations around the world.

Ian O'Sullivan


It’s not where you travel that matters most. It’s why you go there, what you discover, and what you choose to leave behind.

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