We are a socially conscious travel community for people seeking transformative, life-changing adventures.


From dream to destiny, Alternative Escapes believes the road less taken is the path to discovery.
A place where planning and realization are brought together with purposeful outcomes in mind.



• Application based travel community – we hand select
each person for each trip.

• Proprietary Transformative Travel™ Coaching: Proven transformational tools and techniques are taught before, during and after the adventure.

• Transformative Travel™ Certified Guides: Fitness Practitioner, Food Conscious, Multi-Lingual, Outdoor Adventure Expertise, Tribal Culture Experience, Nightlife Savvy.

• Personal Attention & Travel Coaching: 1 guide for every 7 guests

• Giving Back: $100 from every ticket is donated to
local charity projects that we visit on the trip to see the impact on local people.


Alternative Escapes designs one-of-a-kind eco-cultural adventures for people seeking to transform their own lives and the lives of others.

We serve the socially conscious traveler who wants to explore the world while helping improve the world. It’s travel that leads to personal growth, lifestyle change, and a renewed connection with nature, culture, other people and oneself.

We are for the untourist.